Up For Grabs – What’s In Your Vehicle

I’m still surprised at the number of people who insist on leaving valuables in their car. Whether at work, at home (in or out of your garage), or dashing into a store for ‘just a minute’, if you leave valuables in your car they can be stolen.
Leaving your kid in your car, leaving your animal in your car, leaving your gun in your car . . . (If unattended) how do any of those phrases make you feel? I find any of those actions to be inexcusable, which is why I say (to myself), “What did you expect to happen?” when someone tells me they had their purse / wallet / computer / whatever stolen from their car. If said item is that valuable to you, then do not leave it unattended in the open.
Let’s clarify for a moment. If you have a need to leave something in your car for a short period of time, there’s nothing wrong with using the trunk or some other locked part of your car (or a lock box in the case of a gun). It’s still out of your care, and the threat of it being stolen is still present, but you have mitigated as much as possible in that particular situation. What I WOULDN’T recommend is leaving something in plain sight on a car seat, floorboard, sticking out of the bottom of a seat, or in the back of an SUV (even if the windows are tinted). It doesn’t give anyone the right to steal your belongings inside your car, but I don’t sleep with my doors unlocked in my home, either. I control what I can; my actions.
People are opportunistic in nature. “If it’s easy, if it’s free, then it’s for me”, right? But if they have any scruples whatsoever those thoughts only extend to certain circumstances. Free samples at the grocery store – sure! Free cup of coffee on your birthday – okay. Accepting that there is a faction of the population who applies this way of thinking to any aspect of their life is sometimes difficult. We all want to think positive thoughts about our fellow humans, but ignoring the truth will inevitably find us on the receiving end of a less than desirable situation.
So the next time you think it’s okay to just leave “it” under the seat or think “it’s” safe in your car parked in your garage, maybe you could take a minute to rethink your position. It might just save you time and grief in the long run.

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