Training On Demand


(Training On Demand)

- Choose to train in all ranges of defense, or simply choose the best way that works for you.  Don't know what that is?  We can help you discover it (or them).

- Practical, efficient training methodology that is easy to understand and apply to everyday life.

- Work with instructors that encourage you to try different personal defense methods in order to help you find what's best for you.  No pre-planned classes designed for the masses.  You are unique, and your personal defense plan should be too.


Special Classes


LIGHT THEN FIGHT! - COMPACT FLASHLIGHTS FOR PERSONAL DEFENSE - Protect yourself with one of the most versatile safety devices available.  Learn why a personal defense flashlight is considered a superior safety device over other items found on certain 'self defense' websites, and learn the physical techniques to be able to stop a threat using one.

Learn the fundamentals of practical personal defense for everyday use.
Introduction to both mental/psychological and physical aspects of personal defense.  Learn what to do before, during and after an attack.
Gain a sense of self-confidence and empowerment.  Perfect for everyone. No experience necessary.

Meet and exceed the required training to be able to apply for your Ohio concealed weapons permit.  Classroom and live fire plus unarmed training designed for use with concealed carry personal defense.  Use our pistols, hearing and eye protection, or bring your own.  No experience necessary. Perfect for beginners.

SAFETY IN THE HOME - Home protection strategies using personal defense fundamentals.  Learn how to defend yourself and your family inside your home.  Learn how to create a safe environment inside and around your home.  Learn what to do before, during and after a home intrusion.

BASIC FIREARM KNOWLEDGE (DISCUSSION ONLY)  - Understand how a handgun functions & learn to safely handle a firearm.  Discuss different types of unloaded handguns.  Use virtual training to develop a comfort level in the process of safe gun handling.  Learn best practices in home storage of a firearm.  Who should take this class: 1) People who are curious about firearms,  2) People who are debating whether or not they want to own a firearm, 3) People who want to have basic gun knowledge and safe handling practices who may never want to own a gun.  NO AMMUNITION WILL BE PRESENT IN THE CLASSROOM.

CCW SKILL BUILDER  - Carry methods and holster use.  Defensive Shooting in a public environment.  Shooting from non-traditional positions.

COMBAT FOCUS SHOOTING  - Intensive, science-based defensive shooting course.  Learn more at

TWO-PERSON ARMED DEFENSE -Team tactics adapted to civilian self-defense.  Train with a partner, co-worker, family, or friend for mutual protection.


Corporate Events


  • ​Public Speaking Events
  • Corporate Training
  • Team Building​
  • Refresher Courses
  • Home Safety Inspections


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