Let’s Talk Trash

Christmas is over, packages have been opened, new stuff is distributed throughout the house, and all you’re left with is a pile of cardboard boxes and empty containers, until trash day.

People, even on my street, pay no mind to letting the entire world know what they have in their home now that Christmas has come and gone.  How, you ask? By leaving in-tact boxes from their new tv’s, sound bars / sound systems, computers, or whatever else has been gifted to them on the curb for all to see until the trash truck comes and carries it away.

I have a suggestion – this year why not discreetly dispose of your post-Christmas garbage by tearing up the boxes into pieces small enough to fit into a garbage bag?  It doesn’t take that much time, we all know how to break down a box, and you won’t be giving those creepers who scour the neighborhood this time of year any advantage while they look for five-finger discounts at your expense (yes, they are in your neighborhood also).

Have kids at home this time of year? Delegate and give the gift of ‘job well done’. Heck, you might even plan ahead for next year and wrap up a box of trash bags for the unsuspecting young ones and put it in their stockings.  Go ahead – spring for the expandable ones.  They’re worth it.

While I might be having a little fun at the kids’ expense, I think you get my point.  Safety doesn’t have to mean just learning a few self-defense techniques and being aware of your surroundings.  You just never know when someone is looking in your direction for an easy score, physical objects or otherwise.  And this trash talk doesn’t have to just apply to Christmas; also birthdays, other holidays, graduations, or anniversaries.

Perhaps this is just a small tip, but if it prevents someone from breaking into your home and stealing your possessions (along with any unintended consequences), then it was worth taking the time to share.  

 Andy and I wish you a very safe and prosperous New Year!


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