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Compass Defense Group created a figurative “marriage” of armed and unarmed self-defense through the quite literal marriage of founders Julie & Andy Loeffler.

Julie’s extensive martial arts background found its perfect counterpart in Andy’s long experience in defensive firearms training.

They quickly discovered that they could not only share a wide array of training, but that their husband-wife dynamic provided a colorful, yet down-to-earth quality so sorely lacking in the self-defense industry.

It started off small: a few intrepid friends training in a suburban garage, under the banner of Julie’s Group LLC.

As word got around, they moved out of the garage and became Mid-Ohio IMB in recognition of their roots with the famed International Martial Arts & Boxing (IMB) Academy.

The ability to offer a greater variety of training to a growing clientele resulted in the creation of Compass Defense Group and their ever-evolving mission to help anyone “Find Your Path."

Meet the Team

Julie Loeffler

Julie Loeffler is owner and operator of Compass Defense Group.  She is a Full Instructor under Richard "The Iron Dragon" Bustillo, founder of the original IMB Academy and an original student of the legendary Bruce Lee.  Julie is also a brown belt under the late Cacoy  Canete, the last founding member of the famed Doce Pares Club located in Cebu City, Philippines, and was inducted twice into the 2015 United States Martial Arts Hall Of Fame as Female Jeet Kune Do Instructor and also given the Humanitarian Award.  She has been studying martial arts since 1994. She is also an adjunct faculty member at The Ohio State University, teaching Women's and Men's Self Defense, Boxing, Judo, First Aid / CPR and Social Dance.  Julie is also a certified Defensive Firearms Coach a certified USCCA Instructor and a contributing writer for The Personal Defense Network.  She can be reached at Julie@compassdefensegroup.com.


Andy Loeffler

Andy Loeffler is the lead firearms instructor for Compass Defense Group as well as their in-house certified firearms appraiser.
Andy has been teaching in the private sector since 1999 and was the primary defensive shooting instructor at premier shooting ranges in Central-Ohio.  Andy is a certified Combat Focus Shooting instructor, a certified USCCA Instructor, and is a contributing writer for the Personal Defense Network.  A U.S. Army veteran, Andy retired from the Ohio Army National Guard, where he served as the Senior Small Arms Instructor for the State’s Master Weapons Training Team, and is currently part of a corporate security team.
He can be reached at andy@compassdefensegroup.com.

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