Personal Defense Is For Everyone.

Any age, any gender, any situation.  Personal defense is for everyone. As a responsible person in society today, you must learn at least the basics of how to be a more self-reliant individual when it comes to your personal safety.  Taking that first step may be difficult, but you're worth it. We recognize that and have taken every possible measure to ensure you feel comfortable when training with us.

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Our Unique Approach To Personal Defense

Personal safety relies on the choices and decisions we make.  Having a plan in a place based on proper training fundamentals is essential for a safe and effective outcome.

Understanding what you need and delivering it to you in easy to comprehend segments is what we do at Compass Defense Group.  We provide various learning platforms that accommodate almost every busy schedule, and our blended approach of traditional fighting methods along with practical safety techniques creates a one-of-a-kind personal defense learning environment.

We present - YOU choose.  Finding your own path of personal defense is what you will discover at Compass Defense Group.

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A Community Of Learning

Whether you are just beginning to learn about personal defense or you are ready to take the advanced training, Compass Defense Group is there.  We provide the optimal environment for all levels of learning, and couple that with some of the best teachers in the industry.

Guest Instructors and special training seminar opportunities are also available throughout the year, adding to your learning experience.  We provide on the best of what the training industry has to offer when hosting outside instructors, providing top notch information for your personal defense plan.

Experts in the unarmed defense, edged weapons, improvised weapons and firearms training are here to help you determine what works best for you.  We are ready to help you find your path to personal defense.

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Preparing For The Worst Is The Best Thing You Can Do

Simply put, we are a personal defense company that offers training for everyone at any level, with a broad spectrum of what our students are able to learn.  We believe in identifying multiple ranges of attack, and learning how to best defend from those ranges.

We are best know for giving the choice of personal defense plan back to you.  Not everyone will want or need the same defense plan.  Compass Defense Group recognizes that and employs subject matter experts to teach you the elements needed for your particular plan.  This resonates particularly with females and teens, however we see this type of learning becoming the new normal for everyone.  Instead of a "one size fits all" approach, you get to decide what your personal defense looks like.

Our number one competitive advantage is that we are able to personalize the training just for you through our small group sessions, our private instruction, and our specialized workshops.  We are also mobile and allow our training to fit into your lifestyle, not the other way around.  You can either take one of our pre-scheduled workshops or you can be the one to call the shots and create your own.  We are here for you.

Compass Defense Group is unique in that we help you progress through our easy to understand personal defense classes, and work your way from "beginner to badass".  Already have some knowledge?  Great!  Jump in where you feel comfortable and add to your existing skills through our advanced training classes or private instruction.

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